It’s among the most important museums worldwide – at the top 20 – housing unique masterpieces from Archaic but also Classical period. The dazzling Museum of Acropolis opened during the summer months of 2009 and it attracted right away more than 5 million visitors.

The imposing building is located in the historical district of the city, southeast of the Sacred Rock houses the finest antiquities of Greece, more than 3.000 artefacts, layers of history that expand in three main levels.

 “Gallery of the Slopes of the Acropolis” – Grand floor
You can see ruins from an Athenian neighborhood and objects of the daily life of Athenian people  – historic periods.

“Archaic Gallery’’- 1st floor

Explore the magnificent sculptures from the very first temples – stunning 6th-century-sculptures, bronze figurines predating the Parthenon but also the Caryatids that once held up the Erechtheion.

“Parthenon Gallery” – 3rd floor
Here there is the main exhibition, where you will have the chance to see an impressive glass atrium, in alignment with temple of Parthenon. Metops, sculptures and among them, replicas of the missing pieces – the marbles that are currently at the British Museum.

*Extra Tips: 
1. Have a coffee break at the Museum Café & Restaurant and enjoy the breathtaking views of Acropolis!

2. The Museum provides an amazing program of activities including tours by archaeologists, 3D projections about the Acropolis as well as activities for families.

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