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    Booking.com operates a Preferred Partner Programme. The Preferred Partner Programme groups together properties that stand out for their excellent services and quality/price ratio while offering competitive prices. On equal criteria, a Preferred Partner will be ranked higher than other properties for the relevant region or city. Preferred Partners get a special thumbs-up icon and pay a higher commission for this ranking.

    Travel and Hospitality Awards

    Travel and Hospitality Awards are a recognition of the hard work and accomplishments across the travel industry. Recognising hotels, tour companies, travel buyers and influencers across six continents, it is a stamp of recognition for long-standing customer satisfaction. Winners are featured in our online directories and winner publications and are invited to our free events. All awards have no cost associated with them other than optional promotional items.


    Our program was created to distinguish the best companies from the average. The industry leaders who set the direction, focus on developing and enhancing their qualifications so that they can meet the demands of their customers. Unlike many programs, where pay is the key requirement for their integration, the Aetes Beauty program has transparent criteria that anyone can see.


    The HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence is not a ranking list but a group of outstanding accommodations chosen based on a strict set of criteria. In order to be considered, properties must meet the following criteria:
    At the time of judging, a winner is rated 8.00/10 or over with a minimum of 50 customer reviews certified by HotelsCombined.
    We couldn’t detect any major customer service problems, nor recurring or unresolved issues.
    Moreover, HotelsCombined is taking in great consideration the way the hotel staff answered the Hotels communication team, demonstrating their commitment in providing quick assistance.