Best beaches in Athens

When visiting Greece, most people are really looking forward to experience the relaxation and benefits beach life has to offer. If you’re not planning to go to any of the islands, it doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the crystal clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. There are plenty of beaches around Athens you can visit for a day of fun, a luxurious experience or just to relax and spend the day under the sun.

Since Scale Suites is located in the southern suburbs of Athens, we’ve experienced all of the different beaches around the area and have made a list of the ones we think are the best beaches in Athens:

For a luxury experience – Astir beach at Four Seasons Astir Palace Vouliagmeni:
At Astir beach you can have one of the most luxurious beach experiences Athens has to offer. Various services are offered on site such as a restaurant, beach bar and comfortable sun beds. Astir beach gives you the opportunity to book your sunbeds in advance and avoid queues and waiting times.

Yabanki beach – Varkiza
Yabanaki beach is perfect for those looking for a fun day at the beach. Here you can find everything from food and beverages to sunbeds and a variety of water sports. Especially if you are travelling with the family the sandy Yabanaki beach is perfect for the kids and there’s a lot of different activities to do during the day.

Beach of Sounio
This organised beach in Sounio is one of the most scenic beaches in Athens. Located near the Temple of Posidon, Sounio beach offers a great view as well as a variety of amenities. If you are feeling more adventurous and an organised beach is not what you are looking for, some parts of the coast open to the public and don’t offer any amenities.

Vouliagmeni Lake
Even though this is not exactly a beach but a salt water lake right next to the sea, it offers a great experience for anyone looking for a relaxing day in the sun. At Vouliagmeni lake the environment is more quiet than other beaches in the area and there are various facilities including a restaurant and an all day bar. If you are planning to stay during the whole day, we recommend that you also have a cocktail in the evening for some really nice sunset views.

Mati Beach
Located in the north eastern part of the city, and about 45 mins from the city centre, this sandy beach is surrounded by trees. Visitors should expect a more natural and quiet experience, without many organised facilities. There are some sunbeds and a beach bar where you can get a drink and food making it a perfect spot for families with young children.

Athens offers a variety of beaches to satisfy everyone’s taste. Whether you are travelling with your significant other, your family or a group of friends, we consider the above to be some of the best beaches in Athens. Pick your favourite and head for a swim!

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