Top Things to Do in Athens

You’ve booked your holidays in Athens and now the time for your trip is approaching! We know that googling ‘top things to do in Athens’ and going through all those different search results can be really daunting. We thought that the best way to welcome Spring and eventually your summer holidays is to put together this list of all the amazing things you can do in Athens during your stay.

Visit the Acropolis & the Acropolis Museum

Whether you are a fan of history and archaeological sights or not, the Parthenon is one of the monuments you must visit during your stay in Athens. It us one of the biggest architectural achievements of mankind and in just a few hours you will be able some of the greatest facts of Greek history as well as get some of the best views of the city. And of course, don’t forget to visit the recently built Acropolis Museum, home of some amazing ancient Greek sculptures and artefacts.

Walk around the Old Town, Plaka

During the spring and summer season, temperatures in Greece are ideal for an evening walk around the Old Town, Plaka. While walking around, you can completely switch off from the modern word and get transported to a different era. You can always stop for an ice cream at one of the local vendors or for a refreshing aperitivo at Brettos, one of the oldest bars in the area.

Take a day trip at Sounio, Attica’s peninsula

At Sounio, you can visit Poseidon’s temple, beautifully located on a hill, overlooking the sea. You can also take a stroll by the sea as well as enjoy the sea views by having a bite or a drink at one of the local restaurants.

Watch a show at Herod Atticus Odeon

Herod Atticus Odeon is a second century stone theatre structure built into the hillside by the Acropolis. Renovated in 1950, it hosts lots of high quality shows and events during the spring and summer season. Watching a show at Herod Atticus Odeon is a unique experience, which you will never forget. Make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Have lunch at a seaside tavern

Is there a better place to have lunch than the seaside? One of the top things you can do during your stay in Athens is to enjoy some fresh fish at a seaside tavern. You can do that either near our suites, in the Athenian Riviera or, if you are feeling more adventurous and would like to visit other areas of the city, you can go to Piraeus. The choice is yours but regardless of the location, the food will be delicious!

Have a cocktail with a view

Given its unique location, the Parthenon can be seen from several locations in central Athens. There are lots of rooftop cocktail bars in the area offering not just a great view but delicious cocktails too. Having a mouth-watering cocktail in the evening summer breeze is a great way to end your day and relax with your friends or family.

We understand that people have different tastes and like to see different things when they are on holiday, but whatever your plans might be, we suggest that you do as mush as possible from this list and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them! If you have any queries, our staff is always happy to help you or make any reservations you might need!

Happy exploring!

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